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Hello 2015! Pleased to meet you! Did you know 2014? Can we agree on playing nice?

My 2014 was a bumpy, eventful year, but the lows have made me appreciate the highs so much more. Strange thing those lows… I’ve given the new year thought, and I don’t believe in resolutions as id much rather build upon the foundation laid in 2014 and before. It’s not revolutionary in any way but sure to add value in some way.

Feel free to share with friends and loved ones!

Your better half

I kissed my wife while taking selfie yesterday. After ridiculously stretching toward each other for a kiss she says “Looks a bit like we are suckling each other!” What a laugh. It was special. Don’t allow a fast paced life to get in the way of these moments. Don’t get consumed by daily life! Be in the moment when together, communicate and rather consume each other.

Your job

More than ever we’re overloaded with information impacting our decisions, wreaking havoc on our focus. Simplify your day by using the simple techniques masterminded by Peter Bregman in 18 Minutes. Now go out there and rock it!

Your body

I injured my back almost 10 years ago. Its taught me to appreciate mobility. Who knew the simple joy of movement could mean so much? I now absolutely adore moving my body, challenging it to do things I never thought possible.

Our bodies are incredible. Stop sitting around. Get up. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Get out there and do awesome things. I leave you with a few thoughts:

The day you die, you stop moving. Movement is the medicine!

Health is wealth, keep moving!

Your community

I am not supporting any charities at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from doing the odd ‘good’ deed to try help someone in need. The smallest of things can make a difference. How about those old clothes you never wear? Think of it as something as easy as a smile or a hello how are you. You may not be able to change the world in one foul swoop, but you certainly can change the life of someone in your nearby community. And who knows, that one person may even be the key to a better world? Who knows! Get out there…

Your mind

I discovered a very novel brain training app on Itunes called Elevate. Apart from its beautiful interface it’s fun too. It uses games to help you improve your speaking, writing, reading, listening and math. The lite version is free with the pro version coming in at roughly $5 per month.

We have the world’s information at our fingertips. Use this power to grow your mind. Read a book, train your brain or spend it daydreaming! I do the last one quite a bit and am happy to report that google says it’s a good activity to expand your mind!

Your jam (song)

I love the shower scene in ‘Just go with it’ when Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) sings to ‘N Sync. Danny (Adam Sandler) abruptly stops the song, and she reacts “Danny, that is my jam!!”

Whether you have a ‘jam’, or you simply love singing to that latest hit on radio, do it daily. Music soothes the soul! Research even proves it has regenerative properties. I’m cool to roll with the thought! “Because I’m happy” Sing it with me!!

Your everyday

I went through a rough patch with my back in 2010 but after 18 months I was able to get back into my cycling and gym training. It is here where I learnt about committing to goals and then consistently chipping away at it day by day. Its one of the reasons I love being active so much, it teaches you to take the good with the bad and make the best of it.

In my everyday, I work toward consistency and commitment in everything I do!
There’s a similar approach called “greasing the groove” in “The Naked Warrior” by Pavel Tsatsouline. It follows an approach I believe in: Specificity + frequent practice (frequency) = success. Know what you want, what‘s required to get there, then go for it one day at a time. Some days will be better. Today’s best may not be as great as yesterday’s but keep slogging it out champ! While at it remember to enjoy the journey and you will finish strong.

Your sanity

Sounds quite ominous but seems that it eludes most people in life. Good news is that it’s quite an easy one. Are you ready to join the revolution? Wait for it….. Happiness is a decision. Make it a habit!

Have an awesome 2015!

happy minions


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