The (not so) simple joy of riding a bicycle

I love looking at bicycles. Not sure why. Maybe its because its the way it makes me feel. Wind in my face, the open road, free from worry, content with life.

I came across the new Pinarello Dogma F8 Gran Fondo (2015) the other day. A beast of a machine, Great Brand. Pricey to say the least.


Pinarello Dogma F8 Gran Fondo (R185 000!!!)

Ive always loved riding my bicycle, whether it be one of my first as a little kid or when I was introduced to road cycling almost 11 years ago. There’s many a fond memory of riding my “chopper” around the neighbourhood.


The gang… Keeping it real!

As youngster you don’t really consider the cost or upkeep of your steel horse or even what goes into its manufacture. I only recall seeing it for first time… And from there? ….its all about the speed, bunny hops and who is able to pull the longest wheelie, or even better…. the meanest skid marks. Man alive I loved that!

Fast forward to 2014 and I am over 10 years into my roach cycling and feeling like a kid all over again! Ive bought and sold a few bikes and now own a custom thoroughbred road bike which I love riding.


I did say custom didn’t I?

What is great about cycling is that no matter how long you’ve been off the horse, with a little bit of TLC and a good chain lube you can be back on, and enjoying yourself. So I ask myself whether ill ever get to the point where ill need a bicycle that costs R185 000 and if it will really improve or add to my my riding experience to the degree where id pay the price of a car for it. I know it wont, and thats a good feeling. Yes there are days where id like to get a new bike, and surely will in the future but for now im happy to be cruising.

Question is how much would you pay for a bicycle if you just had to have it?

Aaaaah I love bicycles! 😉

world champs

BernDawg killing it at the World TT Champs! Its me dammit!


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