Frankie Knuckles goes Paleo

First blog is up and we’re talking food and cats. Yes a strange combination but hear me out…

We’ve been ordering food from iHealth for a few weeks now and very pleased with the quality of food and great service.

They can definitely use the help with their website and admin but hey, at least they rock at their core service! Well done guys…

My story involves a change up in my diet, looking to add some more carbs to my meals. I called them earlier this week with the hope of doing a quick swap over and changing my Paleo lunch to Body Extreme (Yes I know!).

I was asked to mail them which I did, whereafter my wife picked up the conversation to make sure we didn’t miss out on a week’s food delivery. Whats the saying? Happy wife, happy life!

To cut to the chase below some email correspondence to show how it all panned out in our quest to get the order changed. Needles to say I am very keen to have fun with this one as its a very fond reminder of the Missing Missy email thread by David Thorne from a few years ago.

Will let you know how it goes.



I would please like to update my subscription for the next cycle. At present you provide me with 2 meals a day, both Paleo

Can you please change this to: Lunch: Body Extreme, Dinner: Paleo

Please amend and send us the invoice that takes into account the adjustment. This is only applicable to me (Bernie Smit) and the rest of our order remains as is.



Hi Bernie,

Thank you for your email,

Kindly be advised that in order to have 2 different meal subscriptions you would have to sign up under 2 different names for yourself. Kindly advise how we are to proceed urgently.

Many thanks



Not sure what that means. We don’t mind just as long as I get 2x paleo meals a day, lunch/dinner. And Bernie gets 1x body extreme for lunch and 1x paleo for dinner.

I see you have already invoiced me for my meals. I’ll hold off payment till this is sorted. We will have to use a pseudo name for this, or our cat’s name 😉

Frank Smit?



Paleo? I said chicken livers dammit!


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